Noah, Elyse, and Fiona

So we decided to move to port Richmond...

Noah, Elyse, and Fiona moved to Port Richmond 1 year ago. Coming from State College they needed to get to know all the different neighborhoods in Philly and what they had to offer. Now that they've had some time to settle in, we asked them a few questions about their new home.

What initially drew you to Port Richmond?

When we decided to move to Philadelphia, living close to center city, a big highway, things to do, and affordability, all ranked at the top of our importance. We moved from State College where we had none of it, so we wanted it all! Port Richmond satisfied all of this, while also allowing us to buy a house that could accommodate our soon to be growing family. The neighborhood seemed like a great combination of old and new, both in houses, and families.

What have you discovered since you moved in?

We love being able to walk to Hinge for brunch on the weekends, or walking with the baby and dog to nearby Greensgrow farms. The Cohocksink baseball fields are also a great place to let the dog run, meet other dog owners, and catch a glimpse at the little league games. Everything else is just a short car or Uber ride away!

What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Port Richmond?

There is character on every block. Old homes and new homes both have their quirks to work through. If you find a place that you like, the minor things can be taken care of. If you wait too long, you just might miss out!

How do you think Port Richmond will change over the next 5 years?

As I walk the dog on a daily basis, I constantly hear the sounds of a hammer or saw. There are so many projects going on it’s hard to keep track of- new houses, renovations, and neighbors trying to improve the neighborhood. All of the recent construction seems to be drawing young couples and families looking to settle into a nice neighborhood.

How will it be the same?

Port Richmond has roots that run deep, despite the influx of new homeowners, longtime residents seem to be here to stay. They generally seem to like the new faces and improvements to the block.

What Port Richmond business do you frequent most often?

Hinge Cafe is the most hipstery brunch spot in the neighborhood. You’ll always get a good  breakfast skillet, and their cinnamon bun pancakes- Oh Mah Gawd!

What do you like to show off about your neighborhood when out of towners come to visit?

We are close to everything we need, and the view of the Center City skyline never gets old.